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Residential Treatment Center for Troubled
Children and Teens Ages 6-17

Fostering Life Youth Ranch is a residential treatment center in West Texas where troubled teens are given the tools they need to transform into more thoughtful, responsible, and confident young adults. Our program combines the latest recreational therapies with proven traditional methods to help at-risk youth redirect their lives to a more positive path, becoming the best version of themselves they can be. Our goal is to guide the youth in our care to find thriving abundant lives spiritually, emotionally, physically and in society

At Fostering Life Youth Ranch the Children are guided to find thriving abundant lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Fostering Life Youth Ranch was founded to guide troubled youth to reunite with their family or foster family. There is a high demand for residential treatment facilities in the state of Texas and in America for the troubled youth, so we are stepping up and providing that to these children. We are here to offer a different approach to traditional therapies such as gardening, animal assisted, Equine Gestalt Coaching, hiking, etc. as well as traditional therapies. Redirecting and empowering the youth in our care to be successful in school, relationships, family, and in society is the goal of our residential treatment center. Teaching the youth that ALL feelings are God-given and natural to express, giving them tools to express their feeling in a healthy and safe way that is non-threating to themselves or others.

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