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Rather than simply treating one aspect of a struggling teen and leaving them to sit quietly the rest of the day, we treat our students holistically through the use of tools such as camping, hiking, gardening, and caring for animals to teach them useful life skills and provide healthy physical outlets for their inner emotional distress. Scientific studies have shown time and again that physical health and fitness tremendously improve mental well-being. The physical aspects will build self-confidence in our students, giving them tangible achievements of which they can be proud.

This focus on physical well-being will not detract from psychological health, but will serve as a supplement to the mental aspects of our program. Our students will walk through the deeper reasons behind their addictions and pains with the help of a licensed therapist and small group meetings.

At Fostering Life Youth Ranch, we will provide a healthy environment for our students to struggle and ultimately overcome their addictions, anxieties, and traumas. By the end of their stay, they will have learned self-confidence, assurance of value because of the gospel, and the skills necessary to continue coping in a healthy way for the rest of their lives.

Fostering Life Youth Ranch is located in the town of Levelland Texas just about 30 minutes from Lubbock Texas. We purchased a facility that was already in operation and had girls between the ages of 5-18 already residing there. We are reaching the next generation of youth, and that is where our heart here in Texas and wherever God lead us!!


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Over the last several years, my wife, Brooke, and I have encountered numerous teens who struggle with substance abuse, depression, self-harm and abuse. The reality of these issues became even more real to us after we adopted five children, three of whom have experienced extreme amounts of trauma in their young lives. Brooke and I realized that the next generation desperately needs mentors to come alongside them and help them win life’s battles. We believe that the Lord is calling us to do something about the devastation we see, specifically, the Lord is called upon us to open a Residential Treatment Facility that’s designed to take students living defeated lives and empower them to thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually.


We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our facilities to help better serve our youth. We will continue to focus our attention on not only improving our existing facilities, but also enhancing our capacity to serve by expanding and updating other facilities in the future.

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